Aralingo Help Desk

General Questions

Aralingo is an Arabic language-learning platform, developed by experienced Arabic language linguists. The company’s mission is to make Arabic language education fruitful, fun, and accessible to all eager students who are looking for new and unique method to learn Arabic language.

Aralingo is designed to feel like a game and scientifically created by a team of Arabic language linguists who worked hard to put all required effort to develop Aralingo methodology. For more details, visit our about page.

Welcome to Aralingo! You can learn Arabic language with Aralingo via our Android app.

Here’s a helpful guide on how to use Aralingo:

Our Arabic language courses will have a learning tree filled with helpful skills (those colorful circles in Aralingo landing page). Each skill will contain 2 or more lessons, starting with lesson 1. These lessons will then contain individual questions to teach you certain skills.

As you progress through your lessons, you will earn points. When you complete each skill you shall see the skill completed and changed its color to a completed skill, in this case you will be able to move to the following skill.

With 2 lessons in each skill, you’ll earn 2 points when you successfully master a skill. Still want to practice that skill after reaching lesson 2? No worries, you can tap ‘Practice’ to flex your muscle with that specific skill again and again.

Need help?

Some skills will have helpful tips. Tap on the skill, then the light bulb icon.

We have created a small forum and student’s comments system! Our Aralingo community is increasing day after day with passionate Arabic language learners that love to offer troubleshooting advice and words of encouragement so you can reach your Arabic language goal!

Aralingo team is working on creating a ton of fun features to offer! Stay tuned!

You can try the free version of Aralingo app to learn Arabic language with limited features. You can use it on your android mobile device. Sign up today and get started!

We do have a Pro subscription available to Aralingo users called Aralingo Pro. With an Aralingo Pro subscription, you will have an ad-free experience, unlimited time access and customized report progress.

If you are passionate about Aralingo and would like to join Aralingo team, we’d love to hear from you! Send you recent resume to: career  {at} aralingo {dot} app

Yes! Our dedicated team of linguists is always working on figuring out the best ways to learn Arabic language through proven methods and with accordance to CEFR.

Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR).

With regard to language learning the international benchmark for assessing language learning achievements is the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR). The CEFR is organized in levels, ranging from A1 to C2. Most learners at beginners level will aim for levels A1 and A2, where the focus is also on communication skills rather than academic study.

The advantage of the CEFR is that the levels reflect ability. As a learner, you are either A1 or you aren’t. If you can meet the requirements of A2, then you have achieved level A2, or you can say that your ability in a particular foreign language is level A2.

The CEFR has a further advantage. It is widely recognized and accepted throughout Europe. This means that an employer, a college, an organization will understand what your level of achievement is if it is described in terms of the CEFR.

Aralingo offers a range of tests based on the levels of the CEFR. These tests are available to subscribers of Aralingo Pro.

Yes! If you are accessing Aralingo via the Android app, you will need to be connected to the internet.

If you are an Aralingo Pro subscriber, you can access a handful of lessons for offline use, all within your Android app. Just a heads up, you’ll need an internet connection to start the downloading process. Once you’ve downloaded your lessons, you can set your device to offline mode. Sign up now for Aralingo Pro.

When you create your Aralingo account, you choose a username and provide us with an email address, which is not public. It is also possible to sign up using Google or Facebook credentials. The username/name you chose can be seen by other users of Aralingo.

Please note that your friends can find you via the search function if they know which email address you used for your account. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information on privacy.

No. Aralingo app is created and developed by Arabic language experts and it is aimed for non-Arab speakers who wish to learn Arabic language.

Using Aralingo App

You can reset password on Aralingo app from your profile page as illustrated below.‎
‎- Tap on your account icon, and then select “settings”‎
‎- Go to your “profile” section and tap on password.‎

Follow the on-screen steps to complete resetting your Aralingo password.

Aralingo has 2 ways for helping you to learn all skills in Arabic language.
Sessions are designed for advanced level learner who wish to take challenge to improve their Arabic skills.

Session questions example:

Hearts are in sessions, each session has 3 hearts only, you can continue to the following session only if you ‎can keep you hearts alive.‎

Aralingo is designed to help you learn Arabic language skills, and to make sure you learn all skills you ‎have to complete categories one by one, and there is no option to skip a category if it is not completed. ‎

Each course has many skills and each skill is in small circles, every time you complete a lesson you earn ‎new coin and each category has 2 lessons, which means that every time you complete one category you ‎earn 2 coins.‎

Aralingo Account

If you made an account before you uninstalled then you can log in and you will be able to restore your ‎progress.‎
If you didn’t make an account before you uninstalled then you will lose your progress.‎

Yes, Aralingo has 2 types of progress reset :‎
A)‎ Reset courses progress
B)‎ Reset sessions progress
Here are the steps:‎
‎1-‎ From Aralingo App go to the settings page
‎2-‎ If you want to reset courses, tap on the reset courses link ‎
‎3-‎ If you want to reset sessions, tap on the reset sessions link

If you need help, contact our support team.‎ You can reach our support department by sending an email to: support {at} aralingo {dot} app

If you login to your account and notice that you have lost your progress, it might be because You logged in ‎using an Email address, or Gmail or Facebook account different from the one you used to create the ‎account. To verify this, go to Settings>Account and check if the account info is the same you used to create ‎the account.‎

To fix this, sign out by going to Settings>Log out and login with the correct account.‎

To delete your account, please contact our support team.‎

Important notices:‎
‎-‎ Deleting your account is permanent.‎
‎-‎ If you have an active subscription and you’re subscribed to Aralingo through Play Store on your ‎Android device or App Store on your Apple device, you still have to cancel your subscription.‎
‎-‎ If you have an active subscription and you’re subscribed through Aralingo website your ‎subscription will be canceled automatically (But not refunded, check refund policy)‎

Please contact our support department. Our friendly support team is available to help you. We are able to assist you with your Aralingo account.

You can use your username to log in, instead of your email address. Your username is unique and cannot ‎have special characters or spaces.

Your Aralingo username is a unique name that you choose for yourself. It is the name that you use to log in to ‎Duolingo. This is also the name that community members will see if you comment in Aralingo forum on ‎Android.‎

When creating your username make sure that:‎
‎- It has a minimum of 3 characters
‎- It has a maximum of 16 characters
‎- Only English characters, numerals, and “-“, “.”, “_” are allowed‎
– Special characters or blank spaces are NOT allowed
‎- Keep it clean, no profanity please! Also, if a username is already taken.

I can’t remember my username, how do I log in?‎
If you forgot your Aralingo username, you can sign in with your email address. ‎

Once you are able to successfully log into Aralingo app, you will be able to view your username by tapping ‎the Profile tab in the App settings. ‎

To disable your entire profile, click on “delete my account” in your settings. ‎
Please be careful as this will disable all your Aralingo progress and completed courses!‎

For more information about account and privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy. If you have other ‎urgent requests related to this, please email privacy {at} aralingo {dot} app

Technical Problems

If you are unable to hear audio on Aralingo app, please follow the steps below:‎

‎1. Try logout and login again from the settings page. In many cases, sound issues are only temporary. ‎

‎2. Check your device sounds settings on Aralingo and make sure your sound effects and speaker are “on.” ‎Remember to save by clicking on the green button. ‎

‎3. Make sure the issue is not with the device speakers themselves. Make sure they are working and that ‎the volume is turned up. Also try using Aralingo with earphones plugged in—sometimes that will work. If ‎it does, this could indicate that your speakers are malfunctioning.‎

‎4. Check to make sure you have the latest version of Aralingo App.‎

‎5. If audio still doesn’t work, turn the sound settings off (see step 2) and consider submitting a bug report ‎to our technical department.‎

The most common reason for Aralingo login problem is incorrect username and password. Check whether ‎you have put the correct ID and password. If you are not sure about your email account, try to reset your ‎Aralingo account password.‎

Forgot Password
If you need help resetting your Aralingo password, we can help by sending you a link to reset it.‎
‎1- Visit Forgot Password. ‎
‎2- Enter either the email address or username on the account.
‎3- Select Submit.
‎4- Check your inbox for a password reset email.
‎5- Click on the URL provided in the email and enter a new password.

If you don’t see the email in your inbox, check the following:

‎1- Check your spam/junk folder.

‎2- Make sure email address: is not blocked or make sure all emails from this ‎email are always delivered.

3- If that still does not work, try contacting your email service provider. They are most likely blocking ‎emails from Aralingo from being delivered. ‎

4- If you still can’t receive the email, contact our support department. Our friendly support team is ‎available to help you. We are able to assist you with your Aralingo account.‎

If you need further help, please contact our support department. Our friendly support team is available to ‎help you. We are able to assist you with your Aralingo account. You can reach our support department by sending an email to: support {at} aralingo {dot} app

Reporting Issues

When you have feedback about errors in questions, please report the incorrect one directly to our support ‎team. ‎

‎1. After submitting your answer, select “Report”. It will be represented as a flag icon as illustrated below.‎

‎2. Select an option depending on the issue you want to report. For example, you can pick “My answer ‎should be correct.” This will highlight the possible mistake for our support team.‎

‎3. Select “The audio is missing” if there is no sound whatsoever in the question, especially important for ‎exercises that require audio in order to solve the question.‎

‎4. If there is a discrepancy in the audio while completing a question, please choose “The audio does not ‎sound correct”. You will also see this option in speaking questions.‎

‎5. If the above reasons do not align with the problem, please select “Something else went wrong”.‎

All of this feedback goes directly to our support team, and they collect these reports to fix mistakes and ‎add possible corrections to the question.‎

There are two types of issues you can report when it comes to our Arabic language courses. You can ‎report specific question or sentence or you can provide feedback about the language course in general.‎

When you have feedback about errors in specific question, please follow the steps above. Your feedback ‎goes directly to our support team, and they collect these reports to fix mistakes and add possible ‎translations to the phrase. ‎

If you have general feedback about any of our Arabic courses (such as the voice used, grammar questions, ‎or just praise for the team), please communicate directly with Aralingo support team for that course.‎

You can reach our support department by sending an email to:

support {at} aralingo {dot} app

If you think that Aralingo is not behaving as expected, we would appreciate it if you’d let us know. We ‎collect bug reports sent by users to detect emergencies and other issues. Please note that bug reports not ‎always get a personalized follow-up reply, but they are monitored by our team of developers and help us ‎improve the experience for all learners. ‎

You can report a bug directly to us by contacting our support team at this email address support {at} ‎aralingo {dot} app. Please consider making it as detailed as possible, including device, username, ‎describing the action you were taking when the issue occurred and also taking a screenshot to include in ‎the report.‎

If you have a purchase issue or an issue related to Aralingo Pro, please write in the email subject: ‎‎”Purchase Issue”.‎

At Aralingo we take abuse very seriously. We will ban someone or remove their account if they refuse to ‎follow the rules and are harming the community. The following can be considered very serious violations:‎

• Spamming
• Hate speech
• Using offensive language
• Stalking and bullying
• Posting inappropriate materials
• Not following our guidelines
• Please do not report a person if all they are doing is expressing an opinion that you don’t like. We do ‎not remove accounts because of points of view we disagree with, as long as they are expressed in a ‎respectful manner without attacking individuals or a group of people. ‎

‎1. If someone is bothering you personally, please send us an email along with the screenshot.‎

‎2. If you would like to report someone who should have their account removed for breaking the rules, ‎please send us an email and write in the email subject [Report Abuse]. Include a screenshot and the ‎usernames of those involved so that we can investigate.‎

You can reach our support department by sending an email to:

abuse {at} aralingo {dot} app

When submitting a Bug Report, it is very helpful if you attach images that show us the issue. Similarly, ‎when submitting an Abuse report, it is required that you include evidence of spam/offensive behavior in ‎the report in the form of a screenshot.‎

Here is a simple way to take a screenshot on your Android Device.‎
If you’re running Android 9.0 and above, press and hold the Power + Volume down buttons at the same ‎time for a few seconds. Your phone will take a screenshot. It should be automatically saved in your ‎Gallery.‎

Updated information and further instructions:‎ (search for your device)‎

To capture video of your steps, you can download a screen recording app for your android device. There ‎are also downloadable Apps in the play store that can record video.‎
Here are some free apps:‎
Jing — free (limited storage).‎
CloudApp — free (limited storage).‎
Record a clip and attach it to your Bug Report email.‎

Aralingo Pro

Aralingo Pro is a premium addition to the Aralingo experience. With Aralingo Pro, your benefits include:‎

• No annoying ads
• No annoying pop-ups
• Unlock time limits
• Ability to download lessons in the app for offline use
• Unlimited access to sessions
• Customized progress report

Also, as a Aralingo Pro subscriber, you support our team of developers (we have a great mission!) ‎

To subscribe to Aralingo Pro, tap the “locked” tab icon on the lower right-hand corner of the main screen ‎and select your subscription plan and follow the instructions.‎

Note: You can cancel your Aralingo Pro subscription at anytime.‎

You can submit a report by sending us an email and type in the email subject “Purchase issue.” In order ‎for us to help you faster, please be sure to explain your issue in detail and include screenshots.‎

You can cancel your Aralingo Pro subscription at any time. Please note: you will need to cancel your ‎subscription based on how you originally started the subscription:‎

‎- Google Play (Android)‎
‎- Web ‎
To cancel your subscription, please follow the instructions outlined for each platform:‎
‎ ‎
Google Play Store (Android):‎
The Google Play Store allows Android users to make payments for recurring charges or subscriptions, ‎including Aralingo Pro. The Google Play Store charges your specified payment method automatically on ‎the same date each month.‎

To cancel your Aralingo Pro subscription, login to Subscriptions and Services. Find the subscription you ‎would like to cancel and select “manage” and then select “cancel subscription.” More info here. ‎

Please note that subscription cancellations cannot be undone, though you can always re-subscribe in the ‎future. More updated information can be found on Google Payments’ own page.

You will no longer be billed automatically once you cancel your subscription. You can reactivate your ‎subscription anytime.‎


After cancelling your subscription, you will be able to use Aralingo Pro for the remaining days that you ‎have already paid for. When your subscription expires, it will not be renewed. You can opt back in at any ‎time. Canceling your subscription will not retroactively refund subscription payments, and previously ‎charged subscription fees cannot be prorated based on cancellation date. Deleting the app and/or your ‎account does not cancel your subscription, except if you originally subscribed on web. If you have any ‎issues with your subscription, please submit a bug report and select the option “Purchase Issue” from the ‎drop-down (please note that we cannot access the Google Play Store, nor resolve issues you are ‎experiencing with those services).‎

Unfortunately, Aralingo Pro can’t be shared. That’s the case for all In-App purchases according to stores ‎policies.‎

Generally, all charges for in-app purchases are nonrefundable, and there are no refunds or credits for ‎partially used periods and paid subscription fees are non-refundable.‎

‎- If you subscribed through Android’s Play Store or Aralingo website:‎
‎- We offer a 3-day money-back guarantee only for your first purchase. ‎
‎- We emphasize that the guarantee is only applied to your first purchase. We don’t offer refunds for ‎subscription renews. ‎
‎- If you don’t want to renew your Aralingo Pro subscription you have to cancel it before its renewal date. ‎

We’re sad to see you go, let us know how can we improve your learning experience.‎
To cancel your subscription with Aralingo, if you subscribed through the Google Play Store: you will need ‎to cancel it from your Android account. Follow the instructions on this link:‎

The payment methods accepted depend on the device and country used to purchase Aralingo Pro ‎subscription.‎

‎1-‎ On Aralingo website we accept Master Card and Visa debit/credit cards.‎

‎2-‎ On your Android device, the payment methods are offered by Play Store and vary by country. To ‎find out more check:‎

When you cancel your subscription, it will remain active until the end of your billing cycle. You will not be ‎charged at your next billing cycle.‎

In other words, you will stay be able to benefit from premium features until the end of the subscription ‎period, but you will not be charged again after it ends.‎

For example:‎
You upgrade to a monthly subscription on 1st of January, then after 20 days you decide to cancel your ‎subscription, you will still have a premium subscription until the end of January but you will not be ‎charged after that.‎

Access Codes

To apply a coupon code, follow the following steps:‎

‎1-‎ Visit ‎
‎2-‎ Select your subscription package
‎3-‎ Complete your payment ‎
‎4-‎ Check your email for your coupon ‎
‎5-‎ Open Aralingo app and go to setting page
‎6-‎ Select I have a coupon ‎
‎7-‎ Key in the coupon code you have received ‎
‎8-‎ Now you are Aralingo Pro

Important Notice:‎
The coupon code applies is valid only to the first purchase and can’t be shared or reused after it is ‎redeemed.‎

To apply a coupon code, make sure you are using the correct coupon code you received by email.‎
If you still, please contact our support department. Our friendly support team is available to help you. We ‎are able to assist you with your Aralingo account.‎