About Aralingo

Created by Experts

Aralingo team of linguists consists of specialized Arab native ‎content creators. Aralingo contents quality is our main priority.‎

Our dedicated team of linguists is always working on figuring ‎out the best ways to learn Arabic language through proven ‎methods and with accordance to CEFR.

Learn Arabic faster

Aralingo’s AI teaching methodology is based on the latest behavioral psychology and Arabic language learning science.

Proven to be 4 times faster than traditional Arabic learning methods, 40 hours spent in Aralingo App is the equivalent of one 150-hour class in traditional Arabic.

Go beyond basics

Compared to other apps, Aralingo goes above and beyond what ‎‎other apps offer.‎

Aralingo platform helps you to learn the four Arabic language ‎skills ‎through well-developed courses and useful references.‎

Aralingo helps you to learn more about ‎Arab culture and ‎‎etiquette.‎

Stay on track

Staying motivated and remembering to study is the ‎biggest challenge to learn Arabic language.

Aralingo ‎app is designed with this in mind and sends you daily ‎customized messages to motivate you and to ‎remind you to practice your Arabic lessons.‎

After you complete each lesson, Aralingo ‎provides you with customized progress ‎report showing your weakness ‎points, and a chart of words you have ‎learned.‎

Learn with confidence

The key to success is “Repeat and Succeed” and Aralingo ‎knows ‎that repetition is the key to reading, writing, ‎and speaking ‎Arabic language with confidence.‎

Aralingo lessons are packed with interactive activities, ‎quizzes, ‎revisions, Arab etiquette and cultural references.‎

Learn Arabic on the go

Aralingo is an Android App! So you can practice on the way to ‎work, at the gym, in ‎bed or at lunch. Aralingo is your best ‎companion to learn Arabic language on the go.‎

Aralingo makes Arabic ‎learning on the go effortless with ‎support for all ‎Android devices.‎